Names of Full Moons (Buck Moon, Strawberry Moon, etc.)

Each full moon has a traditional name. Would love to know what they are each month!

I don’t have technical know-how, but I imagine this one can be built with the Moon Phase data – I envision it as popping up for a few days each month during the full moon and displaying its name (perhaps with a relevant graphic)

Here’s a list of moon names, taken from here: What are the names of full moons throughout the year? | Royal Museums Greenwich

There are alternative names for pretty much all of them, so maybe allow people to choose which name they prefer?

~January: Wolf Moon
~February: Snow Moon
~March: Worm Moon
~April: Pink Moon
~May: Flower Moon
~June: Strawberry Moon
~July: Buck Moon
~August: Sturgeon Moon
~September: Harvest Moon
~October: Hunter’s Moon
~November: Beaver Moon
~December: Cold Moon
In years with 13 full moons: Blue Moon

I would love to have an option to remove all text. Maybe automation of the moon moving across the screen.

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The phase of the moon is my app.

The issue I have with this is there is no standard list of names, Further, the naming of moons, apart from certain seasonal ones (for example, Harvest Moon) is very recent and modern media-created. Moreover no name has international consensus. Since the app is used around the world I can’t agree to adding any individual list of names.


I’m open to this. Would you like to see the moon centered on the display if I make an option to remove the text?

Hey Alan! I appreciate you taking time to respond – and especially appreciate you creating / maintaining the app! In a small but meaningful way, it has truly improved my life :slight_smile:

Just to offer some constructive responses here ~

The names of moons are ancient, dating back millennia to Indigenous peoples in North America. They correspond to natural occurrences in the world at the time of the full moon and function as a natural calendar. (Strawberry Moon occurs when strawberries are ready for picking, Buck Moon occurs when male deer get their horns.) So the appeal to me is to be more in tune with what’s going on in the natural world around me (which is why I love your app so much in the first place!) The variances in moon names reflects the different natural happenings in different regions, so that’s why it would be cool to have multiple options so that folks can pick the relevant ones.

Also, I’m definitely not suggesting that this be a default feature, but rather an option that users can turn on or off. Really the only change would be changing the text from “Full Moon” to “XYZ Moon” during that few-day period. No users – international or otherwise–would be forced to have these names if they didn’t want them.

Appreciate your consideration! Cheers

I appreciate that explanation - the more input the better! I still suspect that these are modern (by which I mean, post-colonisation) names and would love solid evidence that these (and only these) are both as you say, but more importantly definitive across all cultures in North America (I suspect you mean the USA, which demonstrates another aspect of my my issue here!) If I were satisfied by that, I could make a “North American names” switch.

I would still feel bad about favoring one group above others. If you’d be a cheerleader for gathering other cultures’ names for each full moon then I’d happily consider evidence-based input.

I’m leaving aside the issue of calculating the 13th moon in the year - that’s a whole separate issue and one I’ll need to speak to other devs about - I suspect it’s somewhere between difficult and not possible, and may be a dealbreaker.

But first - other cultures’ names!

Actually not even the USA. Are these the names used by people from Hawai’i?

Myself I would like to have the names removed, a switch to add them or remove them would be cool. If the text is removed can you automated the moon to fly from one side to the other side of the screen? If automation is not available, or possible then centering the moon with no text is fine.
Thanks for being open to suggestions.

I’ve just submitted an update to do this. Look out for it in the app soon.


I wondered what happened to the text naming the various moon phases, is there a way to restore the text back to this screen? My app semed to just default to just the graphic image of the lunar phasecwith no title/text.

Go enable it in the app on the tidbyt store

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