My WIFI isn't listed

I have a Netgear router and my wifi is listed on my iPhone, Macbook, XBox, etc. but when I open up the TIDBYT app and asks me to connect to WiFi, I see every one of my neighbors WiFi names, but mine isn’t listed. I rebooted the router and the TIDBYT and still, nothing. I’ve also moved the TIDBYT directly next to the router and it still doesn’t show my WiFi.

Any ideas?

What kind of router do you have? I have a dual band - 2G and 5G, and for me the Tidbyt only listed the 2G signal.

I had this issue also when setting up. Can you confirm if your SSID is broadcasting? If not, you’ll need to connect to your home router and switch it on. It doesn’t allow for manual connection entries on setup like some other devices. Once it’s been added you can switch broadcast back off.