My Ugly Rant for a Spectacular Product

Tidbyt is a great way to impress your friends, and surely an even greater way to stay informed with whatever information you choose. You get to choose from some of the greatest (albeit sometimes broken) apps on the marketplace. I applaud the team for taking in so much money on the kickstarter, but I have one question as a stakeholder of tidbyt, an avid user, and a customer: where are the updates to the app? I mean it’s been MONTHS since I’ve seen a single change to it. Since I bought the unit, nothing has changed in the app, yet I see more and more customer money-spending pipelines appearing from the team. Tidbyt Plus? We aren’t already offered premium features for a product we already paid a premium price for? Why should I trust anything about the new subscriptions or hardware when the most basic of functions won’t leave the “lab” section of the app? Where are these user suggestions even going? I understand the business aspect this new model is bringing, but it feels as if the current users have been abandoned. I hate to be that guy, but I’m gonna be that guy.


Same feeling. I have a love-hate feeling towards my Tidbyt nowdays. Love it but it feels like that it is getting forgotten with these other projects that you mentioned. There’s already a Tidbyt 2 announced and although I understand the hardware updates (I signed up for it) my Tidbyt just feels incomplete software-wise. Hardware isn’t the issue for me, software is. So many things are broken, there’s little software updates and official apps (which I think there should be more of instead of relying to 3rd party apps to fill in gaps. Things dbeing announced for Tidbyt Plus should be a must as default specially for a premium device. Nowadays I just have it as clock all the time


Agreed. Step up the software Tidbyt. That is ultimately going to create a desirable ecosystem and the more cool things Tidbyt can do the larger your audience will be.


This product is dead aside from community support. All the signs are there. My unit has had so many things wrong with it in the past year and support has been unresponsive. Wild they’d try a last-ditch effort at subscription monetization, but that’s the times we’re living in. I wouldn’t invest a dollar in this thing. It’s dead.

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Like I feel like advertisements are mostly misleading. I was at awe when I wasn’t an owner, I saw those ads and was like “wow, 500+ apps, I need to buy this” …then you realize that at least 80% of those apps are so very niche (countless of very specific crypto trackers, some softwares that I haven’t heard of, radios from who knows where, and lots of other examples). Not taking credit away from the folks who developed them, bless their hearts and am happy that those few who take advantage of those apps….I am not one of them tho. Every week/month Im on the lookout for new released apps. And drum rolls….yay another 4-8 weekly apps that are so very niche. This is already niche product and to have niche utilities/apps within it just makes it hard to like it. Its a nicheCEPTION. This is why I advocate for periodical official apps being released. Sure release community niche apps but at least throw some wide-appeal, wide utilitarian official apps in the mix every once in the while (not even saying every week but at least a few each quarter. It is all I ask for. have been trying really hard to like my Tidbyt since i bought it due to its price tag, I want it to be a worthy investment, it is just difficult

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I agree!

TIdbyt is a bust! I kind of feel scammed. ( 500 Apps LOL)

Is that the feeling of a love - hate relationship?

I loved this product and stood behind it.

But after months of use and attempted fixes with scheduling issues and back and forth with CS. There CS and support is not what it should be for this kind of product.

A company shouldn’t move onto there next product while leaving there original product with flaws that are easily fixed with simple updates.

What is Tidbyt trying to do? Make us all buy Tidbyt 2? All its doing now is making me never want to buy a Tidbyt product again!

Come on tidbyt step it up!! I really hope they are ready to handle Tidbyt 2 because it doesn’t even look like they can handle Tidbyt 1!


The only right thing to do is to issue everyone with Tidbyt2. That is if 2 is an improvement.

Me too, they got me for a lot of money for what is now unusable in many ways, I think the creators made a lot of money and are probably just enjoying life. Now they do it again and try to get v2.

Yeesh. All the negativity. I’m looking forward to my Tidbyt 2, never having owned the original version. Tidbyt, I believe in you!


I mean, the negativity is just reciprocating both ways. Tidbyt not even batting an eye at the concern of their long lasting stakeholders, I’d call that negativity.


I too have given up on Tidbyt, looking into other alternatives. Doesn’t seem like the people who developed this are putting much of an effort into making sure their own apps work much less anybody else’s. And now they’re coming out with a 2nd generation that runs the same useless apps? I wouldn’t waste your money if that’s the case.