My Tidbyt became a brick

My Tidbyt seems dead no screens are shown anymore. It doesn’t restart or switch back on when plugged elsewhere… Please help/advise


Same. And this is my second one that is dead; they replaced the first one, but the brand new replacement after roughly 45 days in use. Incredibly disappointing.

Can you check if yours is still alive on the network, and responding to pings? Mine doesn’t show anything, but the device is still on the network, responds to ping, the app can connect, factory reset works, etc. Seems just the output circuit is burning out somehow. I think there must be some serious QA issue, or serious design flaw.

I’ve sent several emails to support, but still waiting for a response.

Just curious if you ever found a resolution to the issue? My Tidbyt is starting to act exceedingly wonky. Just wondering what others experiences have been through Support, etc…

following to see if any resolution?

We have the same issue now and support has been literally a crawl. I’m beginning to really second guess this company. Regret recommend these units to my friends.

Hey folks,

We are always happy to honor our warranty and replace any Tidbyts that have issues. Our support team has been a bit backlogged lately but if you email [email protected], I promise we’ll get you sorted.

Thanks. someone got in contact with me.

It has been almost a year, so just adding my experience here for posterity: it took a bit, but support eventually got back and honored the warranty on the spot, sending a brand new device – for the second time). And thankfully it has been rock-solid since then. Very happy with Tidbyt, and the support experience. Now waiting Tidbyt Gen 2 shipping next year!

@rohan - you may know this already, but the problem with old dead devices seems to be with the power output on the main board. I was able to connect an Arduino and confirm the display itself was still functional on both of the “dead” devices. And the Tidbyt esp32 connects to wifi even though the screen is blank, so it seems the issue is only with the board display output.

I wish I could say the same. I got my second device and it’s worked for about a week and a half before it died again. This time, the black backing seems to be getting really hot. I opened it up and looked at it with a thermal camera, and it seems like this component (SN74ALVC164245) is getting obscenely hot.

I would really love it if they could just send the replacement control board. I don’t really want to throw away the screen or box as I suspect they’re working fine and really shouldn’t end up in a landfill.

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