My custom firmware journey


I wanted to say I am so far enjoying playing around with my tidbyt.
I am planning on using them for a custom alert display for my business.
The reason I liked the most is because it is hackable but it has a finished case.
Now for some info I need to get this idea into reality.
I went ahead and changed the firmware to a custom firmware I forked from GitHub - tavdog/tidbyt-mqtt: ESP32 firmware to control a tidbyt matrix panel via MQTT.
The main reason is that I wanted to have control over the MQTT channel, which is local and it needs to work even if our main internet is down. I have a local MQTT server.
I was able to sucessfully start playing with the code. It compiled and loaded just fine on tidbyt.
Thanks for not securing the bootloader. :slight_smile:
I would like to reset the wifi manager externally and I imagine the blue button on the back is the easiest way to accomplish that.
Before I start opening the case and trying to find which pin that button is connected to, I wanted to reach out here first to see if I could get the pinout. It would be much easier and greatly appreciated.

That’s a really good question. I wish I knew the answer offhand. Triggering the Wifimanager setup after a successful connection has always been kind of a pain . Taking it out of range should do the trick but is inconvenient. I messed around with the double reset detector method and it does work but is kind of finicky to get working. Hopefully the Tidbyt guys will chime in with that pin number. If not it shouldn’t be too hard to open it up and probe around to find its location on the esp32.

Just as a follow up here.
I couldn’t trace the board itself as vias went under components, so I just decided to go for trial and error reading status of all pins.
I found out it is GPIO_NUM_15 for anyone that has the same question in the future.
I used attachInterrupt on that pin and off I go.

wow, nice work. I’d love to see what you come up with.