Muslim Prayer Times

It would be great to have Muslim prayer times fed from various open sources in TB.

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Was there any follow-up on this being possible?

Not that I have heard

I would also like this feature!

I will write the app. I’m not Muslim so is there a page you can show me on how to calculate the prayer times?


Hi Austin,
Thanks for considering this! Definitely will help the community.

I’m sure there’s plenty of Prayer times API that you can use. Some that I found:

This API is solid, I’ve been trying to make an app for this as well in my free time, but it’s super basic.

I have a toggle to switch between Hanafi/Shaafi Asr calculation (an important feature imo).

Here’s my code, it’s very basic and pretty gross looking but hopefully you’ll get the gist. Didn’t figure out how to render 5 rows when only 4 can be visible at a time.

Thanks @tmuhammad for making this happened!
I have a little understanding in code but I’m a product designer my self. Let me know if you need some help design wise.

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Nice. DEFINITELY will need your help. I spent some time on this a few days ago and got the API call working with the switch between the different calculation modes in. I feel like I have a 1/2 way decent first pass of how I want to display the info. I’ll get some feedback when I open the PR.

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I think I got it. Open to any feedback. Feel free to leave the feedback here or on the PR itself.

@tmuhammad . I saw you started an app and had a few things in there that I didn’t. Feel free to open a PR against mine. If you do so, add yourself to the author!

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Hiya Austin Fonacier,
I hope you are doing well!

I saw your post about making apps and clicked it to see if you could help me learn how to make apps also. Then I saw you responded to this post which is the app I most want to be developed.

Muslim prayer times change throughout the lunar calendar and are based on the location in the world that the muslim is praying at. “Prayer Times” is an android app that could show you the details you may need.

Also, If you have any questions you can always ask me as i’m Muslim. Just I just don’t have app building/developing know-how. I am so happy you are willing to do this! :blush: Ill be follow this thread. Now i’m off to go look at what you already made available.

All the Best!

Thanks @ladyZ! I have a PR that just got merged in. I’ll let you know when the app becomes available on Tidbyt and I will solicit any advice anyone has!

Ok, That sounds great!
I notice from a link I clicked that someone had some english transliteration spellings of the Five daily prayers names in Urdu spellings (not you). But the Salah (prayer) is based and done correctly in Classical Arabic. So i’ll include the proper closest transliteration below.
All the Best!

1st, Fajr = Pre Dawn Prayer
*Shuruq (Sunrise)
2nd, Dhuhr or Thuhr = Early Noon/ Early Day Prayer
3rd, Asr - Late Noon/Late Day Prayer
4th, Mahgrib = Sunset Prayer
5th, Isha = Night Prayer
*Qiyam = Late Night Pray (Extra Recommended)

Ah interesting. Great feedback! @LadyZ you think this could be a config option when you install the app: like translated prayer names true/false. Will show either the english translation of the prayer names or the Salah(?) version?

Super easy change to make. Let me know as a user of the app how most people would use this and I can patch the app pretty quickly.

I don’t think it’s important option to focus on. “Th” or “Dh” for the second prayer is equally interchangeable. The use of “Z” is a use only largely used my South Asian Muslims do to Urdu being loosely having similarities to Arabic. But it is not the correct spelling.

Also, I’m wondering will all the prayer times appear or scroll at the sametime, or will the prayer time show individually during their respective timeframe?

They will all scroll at the same time. I do want to have a mode that will show the next 3 or 4 prayer times. As opposed to the whole day at once. You think that would be helpful?

Hmm… all at once good if it’s only one option. But having both would probably be used close to the same amount by users.

I don’t understand what you mean by “the next 3 or 4 prayer times”.

Also, how will the app keep updated with the prayer times changing almost daily and being costum to the Tidbyt uses location?

I saw different colors for each Salah on the link I clicked. Though I don’t know how it will look on my Tidbyt. Will the text/color theme have options? Many Islamic/Muslim apps if the don’t have color/theme options use Green and White as you may have noticed. (F.Y.I. Those are Prophet Muhammad’s favorite colors. Which has largely lead to us Muslims using them in our Home & Event/Party decor, Color Schemes, and etc.)

Salam! Austin is referring to an option which will show only the remaining prayers in the day, ie Fajr will only be displayed until Sunrise, Dhuhr until Asr, etc. This will help fit all remaining prayers on the screen at one time, since the screen isn’t large enough to display 5+ rows of information at once, and needs to scroll. So you won’t see today’s Asr timing if it is now time for Isha.

Austin also added a white text option, so you don’t need to have the colored names.

I’ve tested the app on my tidbyt (using the Pixlet development framework on github) and it looks great! I’ll try to get a photo of it when I can iA…