Motion Sensor

I believe that the addition of motion sensor(s) can be helpful in a few ways.

  1. It could assist in driving operating modes. (Reference: Operating Modes) . The sensor could provide useful information to the system in determining if someone is home and the unit should remain “on”, if not, power down the display/device to reduce energy usage and prolong the life of the device.
  2. Gestures, the motion sensors could also be useful to allow users to interact with Tidbyt. e.g. wave to the right — show the previous app, wave to the left — show the next app, wave down — turn off the display.

Thank you for your time

I actually kind of did this… I have an Ecobee room sensor to go along with the thermostat. I have it set up so when there is motion in the room, HomeKit makes a URL request to a script I wrote that uses Tidbyt’s API to turn the brightness up to like 20. When it no longer detects motion or that the room is occupied, a similar script runs that turns the brightness down to 1. It would be nice if I could turn off the display altogether, but this seems to work well.

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Any chance that could be added to a Google home routine or ifttt? I have a “Goodnight” command I use, would be cool if it dimmed the display.

Hey, are you skilled enough to create an Ecobee app with their API? I am looking into this and a search got me here. It would be great to have an app that posts indoor temp, RH, and status from the thermostat and sensors.

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