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Hello! I love how you guys already have some Formula 1 apps but I would like to request some more divisions of Motorsport since I saw that Nascar was added as well!

First off, IndyCar set up similar to how Formula 1 is

And finally the WEC and WRC

With WEC, we are seeing tons of new manufacturers returning to the top level of the sport, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, and it would be extremely cool to see a standings of the manufacturers throughout the season or even a live positioning app when the races are occurring.

So many cool things can be done with these three!

it’s about the data source - that’s always the challenge. F1 - there’s a 3rd party (which blocked us for a while). For NASCAR I had to custom build the API & I host it on our servers… let me look into Indy (I’m pretty sure there is a free API for it). Sorry - I’m sure I should know but - what is WRC and WEC?

Oh dude that’s so cool! Thanks for putting in the effort to get those up and running! And no worries at all man,

WRC is World Rally Championship

  • The more off road stuff but still very very fast. If you ever look up like WRC best moments on YouTube you will see what I’m talking about it’s crazy what they do, 100mph+ on dirt, snow, gravel, roads all over the world.

  • And WEC is World Endurance Championship
    (if you ever saw Ford Vs. Ferrari this is the “class” they raced in)
    Fastest cars possible to race over a longer period of time (8-24hrs) way more time than Formula One for example

Now knowing how you get these up and running it may be difficult to accomplish these so no worries at all if you can’t do any of them. I appreciate your effort and the fact you looked into it regardless! Thank you!!!

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Rally car drivers are straight up bonkers. I doubt personally watch it, but i respect what they do.

It’s nuts

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@wcpbyrd for indycar - there’s no “open” api - so data is a whole lot more manual than I like - but we can make it happen (since I am a casual IndyCar watcher - esp now that Jimmie has returned to NASCAR). we’re having an internal discussion here about visuals. drawing the tracks is a PITA (my friend @AmillionAir is much more talented than me at it). If the app showed an “icon” indicating the track type - is that enough in your mind for most folks? for example - this would be “oval”

something maybe “highway” looking for road course & buildings for street course - similar to what indy does on their schedule

That’s perfect! I think something similar to that would be awesome, really all anyone would need is to differentiate between the different types of tracks (oval, street circuit, and road course) like you said so I think that’s more than enough!

Indy app got approved today - should show up in the public repo today/tomorrow. The standings data is MANUALLY updated (and hosted) by me - so if you see anything wrong - or I suddenly go on vacation (haven’t had one in 3 years - so not likely) and forget to update it - just ping me.

the other 2 series - I’ve only done prelim look for a source of data. there’s nothing automated I can see. there’s a service that supplies it - but their terms (and pricing) is pretty steep - so not sure that’s a good plan.

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YES! I got it and you guys did an AMAZING job it looks awesome!!!

Don’t worry about the other two series seems like way to much trouble so happy you were able to make Indy happen! Thank you!!!

@joevivona Right as you were making the Indycar app, I was making my own version too. Kinda dropped it after your version got approved, but if you want some track-specific maps, I have all 15 tracks with max dimensions of 26x26, some are a little less wide.

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@samhi113 - eeeek. :smiley: Yes - let’s talk. we would just need to base64 encode them & I can write some code to fit them in there. I think the window I have available on that left side is 24h x 14w - so they need to fit in there - it’s a challenge. do you have a github? I’ll create a branch and invite you to it & we can co-develop the new version. I actually started working on this - but got sucked into a client project & of course “revenue > fun” - so indy got pushed back. I have a TMS track image for this weekend - the good news is, it was an oval - so made it easy…

the biggest challenge to the app was the data - it’s all manual - I have to be ready to update points when the race is over & it’s posted (similar to the ergast folks for F1 api) - since they web page they post to is a disaster.

let me know - I’m working tomorrow AM, but then I’m traveling for a project & could work more on it come Monday.

if you are on the discord channel - I’m @joevivona there as well.

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new version of Indy app is coming thanks to @samhi113 - new visuals for the tracks.

Submitted today.


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