Modifying Existings Apps

Where are the existing applets located and can the source be modified? For instance I’d love to modify the simple weather app to show the current temperature as opposed to the range for the day.

Community apps are located on the GitHub community repo. Tidbyt apps are not open-sourced.

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FYI Community Repo is here:

@pineapple is there any reason Tidbyt apps are not open-sourced? I think it’d be helpful to have access to the code so Tidbyt owners could both learn from how apps are structured with respect to best practices, as well as modify them for our own purposes.

From my understanding I think a big part is some of them are linked to expensive APIs I think. There could also be legal implications to some too I bet.

But there are numerous coding examples in the community repo on GitHub for you to reference.

There is also the discord for coding questions as well.