MN Twins

I don’t own a Tidbyt yet, but am thinking buying one for my husband. Can it be programmed to automatically follow (display in real time) every MN Twins game? Would it just fire up at game time and display the score and stats?

Yes, there are a few baseball apps. Tidbyt’s app displays live scores for MN twins and shows the record and what not on off days. Before the games starts that day, you’ll see a game time.

When the game starts the display changes to something similar to the condensed scoreboard in the corners on the tv. It doesn’t show who’s pitching or what not, but will show bases, score and outs. There may be a slight delay if you are actively watching the game and looking at the Tidbyt, but nothing crazy.

edit: Tidbyt’s website shows example displays of various sports apps on one of the tabs. But I definitely really enjoy the app!