MLB standings app

All the standings in each division have the last place team in first for some reason. It was working fine a few days ago.

……Actually right now, the AL east and NL West are correct, the other divisions are not

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Seeing the same thing too. For the AL Central, it’s showing Detroit at the top of the standings, even though they are 20 games back.

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Also seeing the same behavior. It’s not every division but AL Central, AL West, NL East, NL Central have last place in first place.

As Breese24 stated, AL East and NL West are fine.

Looks like the AL Central standings are working correctly now.

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Tigers nearly had the Central there :joy:

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It appears to be intermittent. I’ve noticed it come and go. Not sure if anyone looped in the developer … @LunchBox8484

Still, I appreciate the cleaner look of this app versus the original SportsStandings app. Part of the problem is that one is more compact, and I refuse to wear my glasses, but I digress …