MLB Scores Final Linescore Bug Found

In the MLB Tidbyt score app, when a game goes final, it’s not displaying the final stats correctly. Runs and hits are correct, but the errors are backwards.

Today’s Phillies-Rangers game is an example. The Phillies line should be 3 runs 9 hits 2 errors and the Rangers line should be 16 runs 17 hits and 0 errors. The values in the errors column are showing as the Rangers having 2 errors and the Phillies having 0.

cc @tidbyt @matslina for visibility.

Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce with data from yesterday’s games. Looks like there may be an issue on our data provider’s side. We’re reaching out to them, and will keep you posted in this thread.

I believe this issue has been ironed out now. Only been seeing correct numbers of errors in the past few games I’ve checked. Please let us know if you catch anything that looks wrong down the road and we’ll make sure to bring it up with the data provider. And again, thanks for reporting the problem!

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