MLB Next Game App - Time zone

I like the MLB Next Game App but I want the games shown for my time zone (Pacific) not East coast time. I would encourage any app developers to allow for customizable time zones (if it applies).

They do show in your local timezone. I’m on the West Coast and they are all correct for me. Make sure you have the correct location info entered in the app.

Not in the “MLB Next Game” app - there is no such option. All my other sports apps show correctly, but not that one (and there is no option for time zone).

Can confirm this. It’s only showing in Eastern time zone, and I picked a Central time zone team and I live in the Central time zone.

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Mine seems to do the same. I live in central time but the games are showing as Eastern for me as well. I haven’t found any base Tidbyt setting for timezone, so maybe I’m just missing something?

The timezone of the device comes from the location set in the General tab in the Tidbyt app

I had a look at the code for this app and the timezone is set for New York. It could be modified very easily to get the timezone from the Tidbyt app and show game times for your local time.

I can submit an update but it will need to be approved by the original author

Yes please! That would be great.

I’ve submitted the update, lets see how it goes :slight_smile:

The update has been pushed out so you should see the game times in your local timezone now

Excellent! Thanks!!!