Missing community app (sfnextmuni)

Hi there,

I am trying to install the sfnextmuni community app but I simply can not find it when I search for it in the Tidbyt iPhone App.

I tried searching for another random app (officestatus) and it shows up.

Building and rendering the app on my own (after a couple bug fixes) works great.

Is there something preventing the sfnextmuni app from showing up?

Thank you!

After trying to render the app myself, I noticed an issue.

2023/01/23 12:30:54 listening at
2023/01/23 12:30:55 error loading applet: failed to load applet: calling schema function for sf_next_muni.star: Traceback (most recent call last):
  sf_next_muni.star:149:41: in get_schema
  sf_next_muni.star:239:31: in get_route_list
  sf_next_muni.star:275:27: in fetch_cached
Error in json.decode: json.decode: at offset 0, unexpected character 'ï'

Submitted a PR to fix this: Fix bug introduced by multiple linting PRs by huguesalary · Pull Request #1003 · tidbyt/community · GitHub