Minor app display bugs

  1. There’s no degree symbol / unit for the temperature in the time & weather app.
  2. There are different percent signs in the stock chart and the weather app. The one in the weather app looks like rain, so it’s kinda confusing
  3. In the stock ticker, there are differences in the stock ending color (below). It says MNTV ended down 0.25% on one day, but the last dot was green. There’s also no currency symbol shown.

There are few different fonts that can used in the apps so depending on which font is used the symbols might look a little differently. I would also like to know if there is a degrees symbol available.

I’ve noticed minor differences in closing stock prices on the display vs what the actual close is. Likely it’s due to the ticker provider data source. I’m fine with it though as I’m not using the displayed price to make important decisions but rather more as a general sense of how things are going throughout the day and based on that, then I’ll dig a little deeper into intra-day movement if needed.

Very pleased with it so far and can’t wait to see what’s to come!