Mimic La Metric time

I had a LaMetric time for over two years until some of the pixels started dying which led to me getting a Tidbyt. The thing I loved about the LaMetric was how it showed the time and weather but also on special days such as national holidays, halloween, Christmas, Easter etc it would show a nice animated graphic of a Christmas tree etc.

I’ve been trying to recreate this in Tidbyt but it’s over my head (I have time, date, weather icon and temp but won’t be able to figure out how to show an icon on certain days of the year)

I would would just like a static clock with this information on it that I can glance at at anytime to see the info without needing to wait for the correct screen to turn up in the rotation.

for the amount of work it will take to write this app it will probably be easier and faster to just buy another lemetric device.

It would definitely be quicker to by another LaMetric but that only has a 37x8 resolution meaning you have to wait for the relevant info to come around on screen.

I don’t think it would be that difficult for someone with a bit more experience than me, I’ve adapted the WeatherClock app on git hub to get this far:

2023-08-13 17_39_21-WeatherClock.star

but need to work out how to:
If date = 25-12 then render.Image "xmas tree"
elif date = 31-10 then render.Image "pumpkin "
etc or something of that nature.

The date calculations are not that hard to do. The busy work is getting all the animated images gathered. And where does the weather graphic come from ?

I agree, the animations will take time. At the moment I’m thinking of 7 types holiday image at 3 frames each. The weather graphics are google now weather icons I’ve resized to 16x16 and converted to base64.

But where she’s the weather data come from ? Do you have a GitHub repo we can collaborate on?

I’m just modifying an existing app that already gets the weather https://github.com/tidbyt/community/blob/main/apps/weatherclock/weatherclock.star

I see. So you just want to add the day image to the already existing weather clock ?

Yes, pretty much just that

Are you familiar with using github to collaborate with people ? If you work on the images and layout, I can work on the date logic.