MiLB Scores

Can the MLB app be duplicated to support MiLB please? It’s basically the same API so shouldn’t be too hard to adjust.

I am with you on this one. I am not sure why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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I’m working on a MiLB app now, stay tuned!

I’ve just submitted by MiLB Scores app for approval. It just does Triple A games at this stage. You can choose to show either Pacific or International League games or both. I can look at doing Double A as well if there is interest


Awesome sauce, I’ll keep an eye out. High-A and Triple-A are my interests.

Any luck on obtaining team logos, in respect of, all the other iterations of team logos across the app environment? What I mean by this, is take it for example the Hartford YardGoats. Instead of a Team’s Cap insignia, only show what their full or alternate logo looks like when showing the scores. I appreciate it.

I’ll have to hunt around within the data feeds to see if there is a repeatable way of extracting team logos

Logos and other leagues will be in v2 :slight_smile:

FYI, MiLB Scores is now available to add to your device.

Is this the right logo for Hartford?

It is. My post is for all MiLB teams. This would be a great example for all remaining teams in that league going forward regarding the app.

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Good to know that’s the right logo. I can get logos for all teams pretty easily then, however the files are SVG files and don’t have a transparent background so they appear with a black background when added to the app. It just doesn’t look right.

I’ve done some testing with converting to PNG and hosting the images myself and it looks a bit better

I’ll keep you posted with the progress

I appreciate your reply. I would like for you to know that your app is the reason I purchased Tidbyt as an alternative notification solution for my workspace. Exceptional work.

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I’ve added in the Triple-A teams & here’s the result. I had to change some of the colors so you see the logo properly

Will work on the Double-A teams next before submitting the update


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Double-A is done now

I’ve submitted the update, hopefully it gets approved soon

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