Message from Anywhere?

Thinking about buying this for my wife to put on her desk. Would be a cute gift for her calendar but I have an ulterior motive as well.

While working she mutes her phone and never looks at it. So if I need to text her something important she often doesn’t notice it for hours. As such was curious if I could display a message on the Tidbyte remotely from anywhere. Is that possible?

As an example the Tidbyte is flashing her calendar and I can log into the app and change display message to my text. Or do you have to be on the same wifi to change the display?


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There is an app called Textbyt that lets you text a message to a number that is then displayed on the device.

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It’s pretty easy to send any image to the tidbyt as long as you have the id and the api_key for the device.

Very interested in hearing more info please!

You’ll need to get pixlet running on your computer or webserver. Once you have that running you can write your own starlark code to generate a 64x128 pixel image or you can generate the image some other way (paint program maybe ?, in this case you wouldn’t need pixlet). Then you use curl to push via a call like this :
curl --request POST --url
–header “$(cat kitebit.key)”
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ --data ‘{“image”: "’$(base64 -w 0 -i windytron.webp)’",“installationID”: “windytron”}’

A much easier way would be to login to her tidbyt account and use the tidbyt app to display an image from your phone with the tidbyt photos app.

@Garavar You don’t need to be on the same wifi to manage a tidbyt.