Merging new app pull request to make available in Tidbyt app

Hi, I’m new to the process of developing and releasing apps for the Tidbyt. I’ve been working through my first pull request and related code review feedback for a new tides and temperature app, but it seems to have stalled out. Can anyone advise what I might need to do to move things along? See the pull request at New App: Tides & Temp by sudeepban · Pull Request #1506 · tidbyt/community · GitHub, was really hoping to have this available for the beach season.

Also, what is the process following successfully merging a pull request that actually makes the app available via the Tidbyt app? I’m eager to move away from pushing this to my Tidbyt from my laptop using a flakey recurring Windows Task Scheduler task.

Thanks in advance!

My changes just got merged, very exciting! Still curious about the process by which it becomes available via the mobile app, if anyone knows…

Sounds like it happens pretty instantaneously. Very exciting, my app Tides & Temp is live now!

Awesome! Our review queue was a bit backed up due to recent holidays, but things are being approved and merged now.

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