Men's Soccer app: no Copa

Is it just me or does the app “Mens Soccer” not have the option of following the Copa America tournament?

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Just tested here, I see you can select “World Cup Qualifying: CONMEBOL”.
Not really sure what it is displaying tho, seems like old scores.

Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean, but I don’t think Copa America affects World Cup qualifying.

I’m starting to regret buying this thing. Most of the apps are garbage.

I wouldn’t say that.
That are lots of useful apps out there, problem is sometimes it’s not so easy to find them.

Anyway, I looked into the Men’s Soccer app code and I think there is a way to add Copa América to it.

@joevivona could you please look into this? From what I’ve seen, the abbreviation for Copa América is conmebol.america. I tried the URL below and it is returning data:

I SUCK. Sorry - 100% missed it. The worst part is - I’ve been watching & have a giant board in my office tracking everything (+ the Euros).

I’ll get it into the JSON feed that is dynamically loaded. It should be in there tomorrow.

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@ GainsMcDonald86 - geez - that’s harsh - I figured if I wrote a soccer score tracking app for free & maintained it for free - someone would find value in it. Sorry you are having a bad experience & I missed Copa for you.

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I’m pre-adding Olympics (Mens & Women’s) - because I didn’t have the ESPN abbreviation for those when I created the original JSON.

Yes, that was harsh and unjustified. I apologize. I was having a bad day and I hope you’ll forgive me. Thanks for creating and maintaining the app!

Not so easy to find them? Does the Tidbyt app not offer all the apps?

they are all in the mobile app - you can search for name/short description words using the search button. Or all the apps are in the R/L scrolls below each category - some apps are listed in more than 1 category - but for the most part - just left/right scroll.

Some apps require you to get a key from the data sources - since the data source charges money for access & there are some free levels - so just be aware of that as well

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They do offer all the apps.

What I mean is that the screen where you add apps could be more friendly. For example, the “What’s new” section doesn’t really show the latest apps. They could add more categories, and there could be a way to actually browse all apps inside each category instead of just searching randomly. They could add an app rating system, or rank apps based on the number of installs. In summary, just the basic features you’re used to see in the ios/Android app stores.


Hi, i know is not often said to the community developers, thank you for this very nice app. I miss a great deal of what’s happening in football due to work and many times I even forget to check score updates in the mobile. Having your app running in Tidbyt works wonder to catch up!


i have confirmed. copa is in the list and works as of around 4pm et today

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Thanks again! Developers like you really make this gadget enjoyable.

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