I’ve been a Tidbyt owner for a while now and I was wondering if there is a way somebody could create a medical app showing medication needed to be taken today and what times maybe alert to help. I’ve been a cancer patient for almost 11 years with multiple myeloma is a bone marrow cancer. I’ve been through stem cells, chemo, and recently I was found out to have MDS. MDS is a blood cancer bone marrow does not produce blood so I go for transfusions twice a week for blood and platelets and chemo,so having some kind of a medication app would help greatly.
Thank you for your time

Hi @DonnyX.
Do you already use some kind of app/service to keep track of the medications?

We can see if they provide some kind of integration where we can pull the data to display on the Tidbyt.

For example, it looks like it’s possible with the app Medisafe (Android / iOS).

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I use the Apple Health app and a Ellie Grid,Ellie Grid has all my medication‘s in a tray with the app and tells me what medication I have to take it. What time my program them to great app and a It’s been working well for me for least five years. What I kinda want is just be able to put that EllieGrid map up on my Tidbyt because it’s right in front of my bed and I can see it straight on my eyes and it would help a little also with the times.

I sent two pictures. Hopefully you could see what it looks like. If not just go to It’s a great app for Medication’s though. Matter fact, I got a new Tidbyt coming hopefully in May I love it so much and would a clear stream It would be nice.
Thank you for all your help, I’m sorry I didn’t get right back to you as I’ve been pretty sick with this damn cancer and infusions and chemo

Hey, no problem. Take your time, your health is more important. :wink:

I searched around and officialy EllieGrid does not provide an API (what we would use to get the data and show on the Tidbyt):

So I installed the app on my phone and by inspecting it’s internet traffic I can see some of the APIs that it uses to get the data. So even if they don’t offer an official API, it should be easy enough to make the Tidbyt act as the mobile app and use the same APIs that it uses.

There is a catch tough, I can’t add any medications to the app because it asks me to pair with the Ellie device first, and I don’t have one. Without being able to add a test medication there, I can’t see how the API returns information about it like its name, time and status (taken, skipped, pending).

The only way to move forward here is if you were willing to share your Ellie account credentials with me, so I could log into the app and see how the data is returned. Sorry, I know it’s very suspicious of me to ask you for this information, but there’s really no other way. :frowning_face:

As an example, this is what I’m building for Medisafe (the app is not available yet), and I think it would look exactly the same for Ellie. There are options to change the colors for each status, and to have the time formatted as AM/PM.

This is how it looks on the Tidbyt:

That looks really good. Let me know when or if there’s a way I can download it to my Tidbyt. I’m so on edge right now because I’m getting the new Tidbyt. I figure I like the original the new one is a little bit tighter with the pixels so it should look great. I’m excited. I’m just hopefully it’ll come in May. I may have to wait till June but we’ll see it’s all paid waiting.