Meal Menu

I’d like screen 1 to have a welcome message for my guest and then alternate with screen 2 that allows 4-5 lines of text with a brief description of each course of the meal OR a screen for each course with a continuous cycling through of the screens. I’d also like to be able to press the top button (Tidbyt 2) to pause at any time.

I’d be happy to make this for you. Screen 2 with 4 lines of text is about all you can jam into the Tidbyt screen. Since it is pretty simple, we could even collaborate so can be the “owner” of the app.

Do you have preferences on fonts/colors?

cool! So, would you be open to doing a very basic version and then, if there’s sufficient interest from others, make it more feature rich?


  • A font that is clear and easy to read from a distance. White for maximum visibility.
  • Default scroll interval to whatever you think is optimum
  • 4 lines of text per screen
  • preferably at least 6 screens to automatically scroll, in designated order.

Next rev?

  • choice of font
  • choice of text color
  • food emojis,
  • set scroll time interval

Btw, I don’t have a Tidbyt yet so I can’t do any testing for you but would happily take a look at screenshots.

I can do that. The device indeed is not that large so “read from a distance” could be a tough ask but we can play around with available fonts.

What does “scroll interval” mean? Do you want the text to scroll on each screen (like a marquee) or do just want the screens to flip through each other?

I am absolutely willing to iterate the design with you!

@stacinieux if the goal is to just display some text, there is already an app for that! On the tidbyt, you can put multiple instances of an app if you needed to display different screens of text. It allows for 3 lines of text and you can choose the font sizes and colors. No need for us to reinvent the wheel on that one.

There are multiple flavors of “display a message” app that exist that could suit many purposes.

Are you able to browse the marketplace and/or clone the community repo to check out what these apps can do?

You’re right about not reinventing the wheel. I really didn’t want to buy a Tidbyt until I knew there was a solution for my specific use case since that’s all I really want it for. Based on your willingness to engage and what you’ve just told me, I think there’s a way forward for me. Once Tidbyt v2 is available, I’ll take the plunge. If the existing app doesn’t suffice, reach out to you. My reference to interval was about flipping from screen to screen. I was also dabbling with the idea of a tickertape-like, sideways scroll.

@stacinieux if you take the plunge with gen2, I promise to help you get what you need out of it! You will not regret the purchase.