Marquees Cut Off

When doing vertical or horizontal marquees, I find that the loop restarts before the text is fully printed - I haven’t found any similar topics so I’m really confused. In the App on my phone, the marquee (with wrapped text) renders the full text before looping. Using pixlet render, more of the text is rendered before looping but it still abruptly restarts the loop. On the Tidbyt itself barely 1/5th of the text is rendered before looping. I’ve tried adjusting width and height, but I’m at a loss for how to prevent the loop/cycle of a widget.

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Same thing occurs when using the built-in Vertical Message and any decently long text.

Is the behavior documented that moving between apps has a trigger for all text to first show or is just a time period trigger for each app screen?

Hey @oitsjustjose,

The current behavior of the Tidbyt is that it will display apps for a 15 second loop, even if it’s the only app running. There is a discrepancy between what you see in pixlet / phone and your device. This is also an area that we are thinking through, i.e. how to handle apps that need more time to fully display all the information.

Saw your stream and your pain points, we will try to make this behavior clearer in our documentation for now.


I’m really flattered to know you watched, thanks for following up and for noting the pain points! That’s insanely good to know and I’m really glad to hear that the final behavior is still in progress. For now I’ve come up with a pretty clever solution that felt akin to meeting a small memory footprint for an application, so while they were pain points they ended up being restrictions that made it a fun challenge :smile:

Thanks a ton for the info!!

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thanks for looking into this! I’ve had the same frustrations with a couple of my applications.

i notice that as well on the space launches app which does not display all the text before it switches to the next app.