Manual Network Entry

I have a hidden network and would like to connect my Tidbyt to it via a manual network entry option where I would enter the network name, select the security type (in my case WPA2 Personal), and then enter the password. Currently when setting up a Tidbyt, I am only able to see visible networks.

I don’t know if it’s possible to do what you want. But as a workaround you might be able to configure your phone’s hotspot or other wifi router with the identical ssid/password and connect the tidbyt to this visible network. Then turn off your hotspot and let the tidbyt connect to the hidden one since it already knows the name and password. This should work unless they are binding to the mac address instead of the ssid

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I would ALSO love a manual network entry. Just, FYI, though: I got it to work with a hidden network.

Wrote it up in this comment:

tl;dr: make it broadcast the SSID, find it on the Tidbyt, connect, stop broadcasting.

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This worked for me, thank you so much!!

Yeah, manual network entry would just be a nice to have :person_shrugging: