Mac | installed Pixlet | Terminal doesn't execute actions

I installed Pixlet and have followed the instructions very well but I end up with this error on call:

error loading applet: failed to read file open no such file or directory

What am I missing?

.star file:

load("", "render")

def main():
    return render.Root(
        child = render.Text("Hello, World!")


pixlet serve

Are you running the command in the same folder where the .star file resides?

For instance, if the file is at /Users/youruser/tidbyt/ then you need to first cd into that folder:

cd /Users/youruser/tidbyt
pixlet render

Hello, this is from someone who just install pixlet. It took me 2 macs- mini m1 and mbp 2017. This is not an an intuitive setup. Depending on the OS and when terminal was installed will determine how you interact with where the files are located. On the 2017- they will point to the:
cd /Users/youruser/tidbyt
pixlet render
BUT on m1:
I spent days trying to get this to work, but in all reality don’t know how I did it. But I did try: pixlet create
Then popped a thing I had not gotten before. I followed the steps- wow make sure to follow the steps and how to type things in. Once I got that done. I did a search for the .star file. I think I actually somehow saved to desktop. I then put the file in my users/name/documents/pixlet
I then did the: pixlet serve drag and drop my file so I could see the new path
it’s working now
Hope this works, but like I said- don’t really know how I got it running completely

if you echo “$PATH” in terminal, what is the result?