Love the look of Stock Ticker app, but why only 3 symbols?

Is there any way the Stock Ticker app, in which stock prices scroll across the screen, can be updated to allow more than just three symbols? I’d run this all the time during market hours without the symbol limitation.

@mattholloway When I put in the APK key from at the place I set up the stocks. It disappears and doesn’t show anything in the sample area. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or is there a fix?

Are you getting the API key from Settigs>General on the app?

It says to go to to get the API key. I did that and filled out everything to get the API Key. Then I put it in the Alpha Vantage API Key field, and then the ticker disappears after I hit done. It shows that the API Key is inputted.

Yeah, I can’t get that one to work either.

I’m having the same issue.

Yeah, same thing here. I have tried numerous times. I just gave up after a few days and removed it.