Loss of Internet connectivity causes very bright flashing


I love my Tidbyt so far, well done team!

My Tidbyt is mounted on a wall in my kitchen so it can be easily seen in my kitchen and den.

Last week, someone ran off a road and hit a utility pole about a mile from my house very early in the morning. There was a resulting fire which heavily damaged some power equipment, some fiber optic lines, and the pole, causing all to be replaced. Those fiber optic lines deliver Internet to my neighborhood. The repairs took almost 24 hours.

Sometimes shortly after that accident, I awoke and rolled over, and saw a very bright flash of light through my bedroom door. I thought it might have been lightning, but there was no thunder following the flash. I got up to investigate, and stood in the doorway to see if it recurred, and when it did, it was the Tidbyt.

After configuration, if connectivity is lost, the display goes to “Connecting” with some moving ellipses, (among other things like a spinning circle). But there is a momentary, very bright flash of a row of LED’s at the top of the display. It only lasts a second, then the Connecting sequence starts over, and within a minute, the flash recurs.

While this outage was a bit extreme, every ISP has outages. They also often have scheduled maintenance that normally occurs in the very early hours of the morning to try and avoid impacting customers when they are awake, and normally are not noticed by the customers. (I spent the last 25 years in that world).

Anyway, if the reconnection sequence could be redesigned without this flash, it might be helpful for those of us who have a beautiful Tidbyt that shares our home :slight_smile:

Hopefully I have attached an image from the moment of the flash.

Thanks, and again, I love my TidByt!


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Hi Gerry,

Yeah, this behavior is not great. We are looking into how to address it, but I don’t have a specific timeline. This happens due to an unexpected interaction between our firmware and the electronics of the LED, so it’s going to take some work to unravel.

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