Looking forward to Tidbyt!

Hi all, just came across Tidbyt on Instagram and of course went down the rabbit hole of reading whatever I could on it. Definitely looking forward to the Kickstarter and getting my hands on one!

Congrats on coming up with such a cool device!


Hey @RichardH, welcome to the Tidbyt community and thanks so much! We’ve got a ton of work still to do, but I’m super excited to get more Tidbyts out there!

Came across this on Instagram and was thinking this would be a great addition to my day trading set up. From what I can see Robin Hood is the only supported platform. Will there be any other integration with other platforms

We actually don’t integrate with Robinhood directly, apologies if there’s anything out there that implies that! Our Stocks applet uses stock market data to show tickers and prices, independent of any particular brokerage or portfolio.

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Ok no problem where are you getting the data is it of yahoo finance or Google? I’m just wondering how configurable it is

Currently we use IEX Cloud for stock market data.

As far as configuration you’re able to add tickers as you’d like - not configurable for how often it updates or anything. Typically I see a new price each time it displays (like crypto which changes constantly)

It won’t be a real time price display in the sense it would update in real-time as it is displaying.
This would be very cool however - implementation would have to send a updated tidbyt image every time the price changes - to be a “live” ticker.

I enjoy the stock tickers though - day trading sounds like you need more real-time feedback.
But for long term it’s great to see some buying opportunity on a down day you may of otherwise missed

Hi James,
If price is not real time, how often will the price refresh/update?


I haven’t quite determined how often it is refreshed. Seems like it could be cached api response by the tidbyt backend, that could have a small delay, maybe a minute?

It seems pretty good though. I wonder if the developers could shine some light on the refreshing

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Hey @Brad,

Like @James suggested, the quotes (which are realtime quotes from IEX) are cached for a period of time in our backend. Currently, that time period is set to 5 minutes, but I’m pretty sure we can lower it quite a bit if there’s interest. Getting below a 1 minute delay shouldn’t be a problem at all.


I would personally like a higher refresh for stock prices - it is one of the more attractive apps on the tidbyt for me :slight_smile:



Prices are now refreshed every minute.

Happy stonksing!


Hey all, earlybird backer here! Can’t wait to see where this goes, and especially pumped about the project having an API!