Looking for tides app collaborator

I’ve got the basic tides app developed which can access the NOAA tides api. Currently it’s displaying 4 lines of text only and looks pretty bare. I’m hoping someone will want to collaborate with me to make the display look better as well as devise different display methods since there is a lot of info available for tides but not everyone will want to see all of it (eg. some people just want to know what the next tide will be whereas some people want to see all the tides with their heights and times).

Here is my community repo https://github.com/tavdog/community/tree/noaa_tides/apps/noaatides

In the future, if the app gets popular and demands international tides, then maybe the company will pay for an api and we can migrate the app to a world tides api.

Definitely interested in an app like this!

Hi Travis,

I’d be keen to collaborate/compare code. About the time you released your version to the community I was starting on mine. I have a prototype UX that’s using real data from NOAA right now. What I don’t have is the schema code etc… that yours has and if you’d be keen to collaborate I’d love to work with you to add some stuff. The biggest thing I’ve added is the station location and a chart for the day. I use stacking and some box, row, column stuff for the UX. See below. Let me know if you’re interested…


He’s pretty active on discord too do that may be an additional point of contact

Oh nice. That graph looks awesome. Yeah, we should our code. Following up on discord.
If you see this before discord, paste a link to your github repo or wherever your code is. I can read it on my the plane today.

Here is my repo if anyone wants to test locally. GitHub - tavdog/community at nooa_tides_layout_update

The update is live everyone. Thanks @livysdad27 for the collaboration.

Thanks for the call out @Tavis_Gustafson but you did all the heavy lifting! Thanks for all your help!

How do I get this tide app on my device? Thanks (new user)

Search for Noaa in the tidbyt phone app.

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