Location Display for Grandma

I have a mother who travels a lot. it would be fun if we could see what city or even which state she is in as a nice scroll text: “Today Grandma Bjorn is in: New York!”. I would assume this may require a small app she would have to download that would share her location, preferably at the city or even state level. The kids and I would enjoy seeing where she’s at.

There’s an app called “Write your own message” you can try and just update it as she travels.

You can enter up to 3 lines of text, color of each line, some adjustment on text size and if it should scroll if the text is longer than can be displayed

the idea would be for it to be automatic

is there an app or api that you could use to location track grandma?

edit: like she could download it on her phone or something

If the grandma has an iPhone, you could create an applet using Apple’s “Find My” API capabilities to return location on some basis.

Apple Developer - Find My network