Latest Event from Multiple Calendars in Google Calendar

Dear Rohan / Mats / Mark

Hope this email finds you well!

I received my Tidbyt on Saturday and I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed using the Tidbyt so far!!

The main reason why I bought it is to use it to track my meetings. I’m a Product/UX Designer, therefore, I thought I’ll write to you to provide you a little feedback and request a feature update and not a new feature. Please read below in its entirety -

I see we already have a Google Calendar applet for calendars. However, it only reads data from the default calendar in the Google Calendar. But how about it showed the most recent event from all the calendars in the account. For example, I have multiple calendars in my account which I use to further streamline my day. I used to be a JS Frontend Developer and therefore, over the weekend, I tried to implement something but it didn’t work because I’m not well versed with Python but then I did the same thing in JS and it did. Here is what you might want to do:

  • Read the calendar list and count the total calendars in a person’s account.
  • Get the latest events from all the calendars in the person’s account.
  • Compare and show the latest event of all!

I know people have been requesting the option to select one of the multiple calendars in their account and that might take time to build but the feature update I’m suggesting will work with a little amendment to the existing code.

If possible, if you could share the code of Google Calendar applet without the authentication parameters, I’ll be happy to try making the changes and send it back to you guys - if it’ll work.

Not only this adds a feature rather takes the usability aspect of the Tidbyt to another level. Maybe you can even pitch this to enterprise customers after you have a few more applets!

Kindly let me know in case you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.