Kickstarter Campaign Ticker

Would absolutely love a ticker that updates info on a user-selectable Kickstarter Campaign. Something that displays total funding, percentage of funding, and total backers with the KS logo on the left side.

Would love even some guidance on how to try this. I’m looking to be able to track a KS campaign funding level and percentage funded.

I was looking into something like this but there isn’t an official kickstarter api if I recall correctly. you may be able to scrape the website? like if a user knows which project or something then they could track it.

I think there are some unofficial APIs though.

Ideally though one would be able to give their kickstarter info and see a status of their backed projects?

edit: let me know if you find a decent API or something to work with, the rest should be “relatively straight-forward”

This is the closest info I’ve found regarding a KS Api.

Is any of this helpful?

So one of the links may be, hopefully I can find something a little more recent.

You want it specifically for projects you’ve backed correctly?

I know it took me a while to find a solid endpoint, you may just have to try some links and work from there.

Getting project status or most popular projects probably wouldn’t be hard from the html for sure otherwise I think a user would need to know exactly which project they were looking for and wanted to track here.

But somewhere in the deep dark web an unofficial api exists…

I would want it ideally for my own project that’s launching in May.

:eyes: :eyes: You could probably just scrape the page of your project then and get like the number of backers and stuff

Part of the link you linked earlier linked this. It’s old and their stuff may constantly be changing

However if you pulled the html source and scraped that you could probably get the project stats pretty easily.

EDIT: There may be auth issues, but looking online at the kickstarter html source it technically has the info you want I think.

@TheGentlemanWake the first link you sent to me technically works and does include the info you want when you get the url in the browser, but when you http.get you get a 403 error which is due to authorization issues…

If you can find a way to get the data from the url itself then you’d technically have what you need (pledged,goal,pledged_amount, backers etc.)