Just got my Tidby and I love it! A few thoughts on how to improve!

I’ve set everything up and its great, but there are a few things that i’d like do:

  • I can’t change the temp units in my tempest app to F its displaying C which is great for most of the world but not for us in the US

  • I would be great to be able to pull other crypto coins rather than just the premade ones. I know you want to have a nice logo near the price, but I’d rather have the freedom to choose from a larger list of coins (I care about HNT / SLP / AXS prices too) and maybe have a price graph like the stock ticker.

  • It would also be nice to be able to drag and drop the order of display so I could group all the weather things together and all the stock things together. Sorting them right now is a pain.

Hopefully these are easy changes to implement! Thanks again for designing this!



At least on the iPhone app you can drag and drop the order of the applications if you hold down on the application.

Thanks for the tip! Didn’t realize it was a press and hold.

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Did anyone figure out how to change to F from C on the Tempest app?