It's Beautiful!

Finally got time to unbox and set up my Tidbyt. Even my wife thinks it’s “acceptable”. It’s a great mix of modern and retro. A modern, programmable, connected Lite Brite in a craftsman-quality box. If there will be a version 2.0, I’d like to see a speaker in the box so it could function as a timer and an alarm clock. Nothing fancy, doesn’t need to be music quality. And while I can buy some, including a set of 4 rubber stick on/off feet would be nice. Bravo!


Love it!

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Agreed! I love mine. It is interesting to consider what a Tidbyt 2.0 would look like! I do like the idea of a speaker for 2.0.

But before that, I think a larger version of what we already have would be nice as an option, in the existing format, just perhaps double height or quad?