Issues with scheduling apps

Im guessing everyone at Tidbyt is to busy with the Tidbyt 2 forgetting about its grassroots the Tidbyt 1.

I have been having scheduling since Jan 2023 and emails with support have led no where. Its now Nov and my TIdbyt still fails to follow set schedules .

Yes I have reset everything a million times!!!

You guys make getting product help that has warranty very difficult!

Is the introduction of Tidbyt 2 going to impact the OG tidbyt? Looks like you guys clocked out and moved onto Tidbyt 2 leaving us Tidbyt 1 users wondering if this even is a product we can trust going forward into the future. Sucks my tidbyts not even a year old!

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We plan to keep Tidbyt OG and both versions actually run the same apps and software.

Really sorry that your issue has not been resolved. I’m going to look into our support queue and see if I can figure out the details.


Alright, just caught up on the case. First of all, apologies for how much back & forth has been involved.

I think an underlying problem is that our support team isn’t clear on what the issue is. Could you please provide an example of a schedule you’re setting, what you expect the Tidbyt to be doing, and what it’s doing instead? That’ll help us debug.



Rohan! Thanks for following up. :smile:

CS emailed me back as well this morning.

I am glad to hear you will be keeping up with both products, makes me feel better that the OG tidbyt isn’t being ditched!

As for the problem!

No matter what app I try to schedule they will not follow a set schedule.

I can do a full reset and for a few weeks and scheduling works. After a few weeks schedules do not work and apps just cycle through in there normal sequence.

For example, when Im not near my Tidbyt Mon-Fri 7:30 AM- 5:00 PM I set a schedule for a simple app like time or weather. I click save and schedules do not work. Apps keep on rotating on there normal rotation.

I can Pin/ Mute apps no problem.
The issue is with scheduling!

I did also report to you guys during this same time period about a night mode glitch that didn’t allow the tidbyt to cycle through all apps after comming out of night mode but that since has been fixed, the scheduling problem still persists.

Got it. I’ll try to pull the diagnostic logs from your device remotely. Can you please provide me with your device ID? That’ll be in the settings under General > Get API Key. I just need the Device ID at the top.

Also is there a specific app that you have scheduled right now which is misbehaving?

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This morning before I left to the shop I tried setting weather to a schedule and it did not work. The weather app I tried to set is developed by Tidbyt.

I do not believe any specific app is misbehaving. I think they all relate to the scheduling issue. I can verify this when I get back home.

My device ID : insatiably-dashing-incisive-rhino-545

LOL what a name!!!

If my bug is related to yours, it may help the Tidyt team debug…

I’ve noticed since day one, there’s a bug where if I mute then un-mute any app, its schedule gets totally reset. It’s a real PITA to be honest! I avoid muting even when I want to, so that I don’t have to mess around configuring the schedule again.

Ahhh, that helps a lot actually. I bet I know where the issue is now.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Any updates on a fix? Anything interesting on my diagnostic logs?


Just an update, still looking into it and now trying to determine whether it can be fixed in the backend or whether it requires a firmware update.

Thanks!! Please keep me posted!!

Excited to finally have my Tidbyt working properly!

Hey @Zee

We haven’t been able to really pinpoint the root cause of this, but have put some fixes in place that should make it easier for us to dig further when it happens.

I monitored the weather and clock apps on your device, and both seem to have exited the rotation around 5 PM local time, which is correct given the schedule configuration on these apps. They’re set to be visible from 7:30 AM and 7:45 AM respectively, until 5 PM, and only on weekdays. All other apps (without schedule active) seem to be displayed consistently through out the day, as expected.

Does this match your experience today? I understand that the issue may be intermittent, so perhaps we just got lucky this time.

Just got home to test!

I have been leaving to the shop before the set times and getting home later so couldn’t tell you about today or the last few days.

I did just try to set a schedule from 6:09PM - 8pm on the Tidbyt clock to test and all the apps just keep flipping through there normal rotation. So scheduling is not working still!

I will also set a schedule for tomorrow with earlier times to see if it will stay on the scheduled app before I leave for the day.

Thanks for working on this!

Ah, I think I see the issue. What you’re describing actually sounds like the intended behavior of app scheduling. The schedule only applies to that one app, so all other apps on the device will continue to be displayed as usual.

For instance, say you have Clock and NYC Subway on your Tidbyt. If you schedule NYC Subway to weekday mornings, then at that time you’ll be seeing both Clock and NYC Subway in the rotation. Later in the day, NYC Subway will be disabled by the schedule, so you’ll only see Clock.

In other words: adding a schedule to a particular app does not affect other apps; they will still be in the rotation unless they’re also disabled by a schedule.

Does that make sense?

Yes that does make sense…

But before when I would set a schedule, it would show only the app i set the schedule on during the set times…

For example when I leave for the day I have the clock app set to the times I am gone for the day so apps aren’t rotating through constantly when no ones there and wasting LED life. (During 7:30am- 5 PM only the clock or whatever app I had set the schedule on would show up.)

I wouldn’t have to go schedule each other app I didn’t want to see.

Did something change then?

Say you only want yule log app only playing from 2pm-5pm on a certain day. To make sure only the Yule app will be showing up and nothing else what would I have to do?

I know for a fact that before I would choose what I wanted “scheduled” and only whatever apps I “scheduled” would pop up. Not the rest of the apps!

For months I would leave and come back to the scheduled app I set. I could come home and watch it hit its target time and then continue on with other app queues once it reached the time frame on the schedule. Until it reached that scheduled target time it would stay on the app I scheduled and only that app untill I hit the set time and thats when other apps would start showing.

It’s totally possibly that you’ve seen that behavior due to some bug that has since been fixed. It was never the intended behavior of the scheduling feature though. Really odd, so thanks for reporting it!

In your yule log example, you would need to do schedule all other apps to only run outside of that 2-5 PM time window.

Wow yeah! Really is odd. Thank you for figuring this out with me!

I almost prefer scheduling how it first was! (I know one little voice doesn’t matter)

“The bugged version”

Maybe you guys can revive that feature and call it “Pin Scheduling”.

Where you are able to schedule the “Pin” feature and only keep whatever app Pinned for that certain scheduling instead of going back and having to schedule each app if you only want one showing for a certain time frame.

I find it very inconvenient I have to schedule each other app just to get one showing in a certain time frame! Especially because I was blessed with this feature on accident!!