Issue when pushing apps via API

I am pushing apps to my tidbyt via API. After a while, I started to notice the device showing old renders. However, I tested it and I can literally push one webP - and it will show an old one sometimes and the new one sometimes. Then I tried removing API apps, they still showed on device itself but cannot be seen in the iOS app.

Reset the device, trying again. Hoping its not server side.

After resetting, the apps are not “saving” to the tidbyt. They show once, never show in iOS and then are gone.

I was originally pushing with the CLI - are these different behaviors?

you need to push with an installation id to have it stay in the rotation.

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I am pushing an installation ID

With an installation id via API it does not stick, via CLI it does.

Yeah was referring to when you pushed via a cron job/CLI