Issue Running Pixlet

Hiya friends! New Tidbyt customer and excited to get my hands dirty and build some neat apps for the device. My expertise is in the video game industry and so excited to build video game related apps for the devices, and publish them for use!

However, running into a road block setting up my development environment. I’m running Linux through WSL’s Ubuntu distribution. Never had an issue developing on it with other linux based platforms, but when I download the binary and follow the instructions on the readme for I’m hitting this error when running any pixlet command (I’m basically just trying to serve up a simple .star app right now):

pixlet: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Anyone know how I can get around this. Seems to be having an issue with the webp library the binary uses.

do you have libwebp downloaded? If you go to the docs folder in the pixlet repo there are build instructions. Make sure you have all of the prereqs downloaded.

I didn’t build the Go project from source, so I didn’t think I needed to set up those dependencies in order to run it (as it wasn’t a part of the instructions of simply using the precompiled binary).

However after running sudo apt-get install -y libwebp-dev that seemed to have done the trick.

Might be worth looking into adding that step in the Linux set up instructions.

Edit: For clarity, I do see the instructions when you need to build from source. However, for just using the precompiled binary, it doesn’t go beyond just linking you to the appropriate file.