Is there anything at all that works correctly with Tidbyt? Or is it worst product of the year

Four months since I got it, The critical issue that myself and many others experience is not fixed.
Not even a response that takes reports seriously, despite multiple posts in this forum.

The phone is very hot to touch when running Tidbyt app. Ok, made in Flutter but in past two years Flutter is very stable and performant. Even if you learned Flutter as you made the app it’s not an excuse to abandon it and not fix issues. At least optimise to stop DoSing user’s phone CPU.

And today I realised THE TIME IS WRONG!!! I was using it to catch the transport which is 1 minute away and now I realise why I missed few times. clock is off by a minute.

The device is basically a clock. You have ONE JOB: TELL TIME. And even that doesn’t work,. omg. How can you get time wrong? Never tested outside your region. Never tested with link profiling.
And all the problems with commands and settings not executed at all or executed with a same minute delay.
Time drift due to latency is not accounted for… because of ignorance? The clock difference is about exact number of seconds the device freezes or when change is made and after that 30-60 sec it un-freezes.

The app is made irresponsibly and broken in many ways. It overheats my phone, just abandon it like that?


Just a few things- the device is a just display that gets pushed updates via scheduled jobs on the web. It is not a clock, and has no ability to update on its own.

With that in mind, you may want to set your expectations accordingly. Will it replace your phone or watch, when you need exact accuracy or alarms? Probably not. As an easy -to-see display sitting on your desk for information that’s not extremely time critical? Works great.

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I did not know that it is not a clock because the apps names in the app store says “Clock” .
If it is not a clock then clock apps should be removed or there should be a disclaimer like “Clock is for demonstration purposes and not to be used to tell the time.”

But give me a break. You’re advocating ignorance and laziness. Simply fix the product and have it update time properly. the $0.5 device can update time form internet, there’s nothing preventing tidbyt form doing that.


I’m not sure if you seriously want solutions or if you just want to complain, but just in case it’s the former…

If you want more precisely timed control of what’s shown on the display, you can run your own server (ala Pixbyt) to render the clock images and push them to your Tidbyt display on the frequency you choose. Since it’s your own dedicated server, you won’t have any contention with other users, and you’ll be more likely to get the low latency and accurate job scheduling you’re looking for.


Pick your apps wisely. It is not a device issue.


I think you really need to look at everyone else that is posting as well as the reviews. You are really the first person in over a year I have heard hate on this product at all. There’s some stuff I wish it had, like the ability to use different scenes and a general on/off button, but in general this product is loved by 99/100 people . I guess you are that tiny tiny minority. The clocks as far as I’m aware update directly from the world clock or something similar with little to no error. I know the Tidbyt updates extremely quickly cause I can switch songs on Spotify and it will immediately with no delay update my “Currently Playing” Spotify app on the Tidbyt.

To me it sounds like you missed your train on your own accord and just decided to blame something else other than your time management.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the app cause it preforms well on my phone.

I just I.Q. points reading your post ok_computer.

I’m not experiencing any device overheating (iPhone), although I have no need to spend much time in the app, I make my changes/updates and then I’m out. The time is always current, so I am not having any issues there either. I use the Date Time Clock, Weather, SevereWxAlertsUSA, Messages (displays my Guest Network and Password), Sonos (displays the song and artist currently playing), and since it now sits on my arcade, I added Arcade Classics. All the apps work perfectly!

I hear your frustration, but like what others have said,
this product shouldn’t be used as some device to get information in real time.

But the good thing is, the tidbyt is customisable, so you can pretty easily create your own clock app and host it locally, and set it up to update your tidbyt every 1 sec if you want to.