Is Tempest basically gone?

Just confirming this was my most critical app living in the mountains. I can only find a bunch of messages pretty much staying its dead, other weather apps give bad info etc. I bought two of these and am super bummed out but I guess I can just mount iPads and leave tempest on at this point and sell the TBs I guess I am happy I am only out $500 I had planned to buy 3 more of their new versions. No fun to see these apps come and go as without them the devices are just toys.

I guess the official app might be broken but it is possible to use a custom app to display your tempest data. Since the tempest data already gets published to the cloud a custom app could pull that date to display.

The app has broken from time to time when the Tempest API has changed, but we always update it to get it working again. I’ll take a look and see what’s going on this time.

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My Tempest station seems fine as does the Tidbyt app. The Tidbyt Tempest app reflects what is displayed in the iPhone app as well as my Weatherflow Pi Console. All seems ok for me, which is almost a full day after your post.

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Sadly its failed on both of mine. I probably just need to setup an iPad permanently. The TB was fine at the beginning but it’s just not very useful any more and I don’t want to spend any time on a 3rd party device with no support Maybe I can look at the other system you are using.

Just to be clear the Tempest station and their app has been flawless. It’s just recently the app on Tidybyt stopped working. Removed it, re-added it and connected fine but the app remains blank. It’s not the end of the world I needed to get rid of these anyway and this was just the final straw. Tired of waiting as it’s always on the wrong screen, can’t manually advance it. I had planned to buy 4 more and I am glad this blew up prior. These are the same guys that I wrote after placing an order when they ran a sale the next day, never got a response. Glad they have made so much money off everyone, they just post facebook ads now and apparently collect cash.

Hey Chris,

I’m sorry that you had a negative experience with us. Definitely understand your decision. Will take a look into the Tempest app anyway and see if I can spot any issues.

I also get the frustration about not being able to manually advance. That’s why we added a button to do so on the new model.

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