Is It Possible to Run an App on my TidByt only?

I have written a small application that pulls some data and makes an interesting display - but I don’t think it would be interesting for anyone but me.

Reading the documentation, it seems to get a ‘live’ view I need to publish it as a community app, which for this just seems like too much.

I’ve written a shell script to get around this, but of course I’d rather just have some sort of developer only or local only publish option. Am I missing it or is it not possible?



If you have a raspberry pi or something you can push it using a cron job or something to push it using an installation id at some specified time interval.

That’s what I’ve done, just thought maybe a different solution was possible.

Is there really no way to do this (run an app directly on the device)? It seems overkill to have to setup a separate device/server just to periodically poll an endpoint and render/update the display. Are the ESP32 specs not capable of the additional overhead?

This is something I am looking for as well, for the same reason - a highly customized display that has no business being a public app. I had assumed when buying it (after learning how to build apps locally) that this is what it was designed to do. There’s little point to the tidbyt if I have to have a computer running next to it 24/7 to keep it up to date. I could have bought a raspberrypi with a display for the same cost. Not as elegant looking, of course, but more functional.