iOS: logging in on different device thinks I'm trying to create a new account with my email address?

I have created an account on one iOS device. When I try to login with another iOS device, I select “Sign in with Email” and then enter my email. The next screen says “Create a password” as if I’ve never created an account. When I enter a password it says “the email address is already in use”.

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I have the same issue and would like to know what the fix is.

I am wondering if consumes the email address if you initially login via a google account. I may have done this earlier and now it seems like I’m stuck using my google account to login vs an independent user account that uses that email address.

That makes sense although I didn’t use Sign In With Google initially. I created an account using a Gmail address. I think they need to provide you with a sign in option, not just a Create a New Password option when you choose to sign in with email.

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