iOS Calendar

I was able to get the Google calendar to sync, but it would be ideal to sync with iOS native calendars. I have my work (Exchange) calendar on my iPhone and use it as my primary calendar. Not sure if there is a way to get that to work with the Tidbyt?

+1 for more calendar support, including Apple Calendar/iOS/iCal.


+1 , although allowing devs to publish apps would probably get this solved in short order, as someone would develop it.

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+1 for this feature …but I need to be more than 20 characters

Ditto: +1 on supporting iCal/.isc calendars (e.g., Office 365 / Exchange calendars). Supporting secondary calendars on a Google account (e.g., “Birthdays” and “Other”) might also suffice as it could probably see a calendar that you shared from Office 365 to your Google account.

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Another +1 on request for this

+1 request for this!

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