Introducing: Tidbyt for Teams

Tidbyt for Teams lets you broadcast messages to team devices with ease. Celebrate wins, welcome new hires, and make sure nobody forgets open enrollment this year. Business oriented apps lets you put key metrics on display, integrate with your HR systems, and even run completely custom apps for your use case.

Whether it’s to celebrate hitting a milestone, to show recognition for a job well done, or to just party it up on someone’s birthday, Tidbyt helps these moments stand out in a way that emails won’t.

When you really need to reach everyone with a piece of information: put it on display.

Sign up here or reach out to [email protected] on how to get started!

Slack integration

No matter if it’s a carefully crafted status update, or a spur of the moment message to “ring the bell” in celebration, Tidbyt’s Slack integration makes composing messages a breeze.

A simple “slash command” is all it takes to reach the team.

And of course, share your favorite GIF for the occasion with everyone

coming soon

Web Composer

For more fine-grained control, the messages can also be designed in the browser. Pick the right font, tweak layout, add pictures or logos, and schedule messages to be sent in the future.

Self Service Portal

With Tidbyt for Teams you can easily manage your organization in one place. Invite new members, keep track of your team’s devices, compose messages, and install apps across the fleet.

Messages and other data is kept private to your organization, and only invited members can access it.

Private app hosting*

Creating a new app, tailored to your needs, is quick and easy. While completely hosted in Tidbyt’s cloud, your apps are restricted to members of your team.

*Coming soon

Sign up here or reach out to [email protected] on how to get started!



Is this progressing? For many of us, teams have changed forever, we’ve become distributed - we’ve lost the water cooler, the funny comments shot over cubicle walls, the family feel. Really excited about using Tidbyt to recoup some of that lost magic!