Integration with Transit App

I am a new Tidbyt owner and I am super excited about the device! I know that there is a built-in Transit app developed by Tidbyt, but I’m curious if it’s possible to integrate with the Transit App. They have an API that seems like it would be relatively easy to implement into an app, and it covers more transit lines than the current Tidbyt-developed app. I’m unsure if it would be better to have users apply for an API key (like there are on several other apps) and enter it into the config schema or if the Tidbyt team could apply for one and develop an app of their own. Either way, I just wanted to bring it up and see if it would be viable.

I looked at the API request page and it’s pretty involved so for this to work you would probably want to figure out a way to use a single API key but if you don’t want to pay for it then that’s going to be an issue because of the whole community might be running on that one API key.