Instagram followers app

Instagram followers app please;)


Ditto this request - in fact a customised list of social media services with your followers for each.


Sadly, Meta doesn’t provide an API to read the number of followers. I also wish they did.

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could we read the html tag off the profile page?

How does this device do it then?

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You should ask them. Maybe they are paying for access, or maybe they are scraping as 1onica suggested.

Hello everyone!
My Tidbyt has just arrived!

Since I’m a software engineer, I decided to take on this challenge. :slight_smile:

Reading the HTML is not so simple for some cases like Instagram and Twitter. They use Single Page Application technologies, this means that the HTML received by the browser (and Tidbyt) is just a placeholder, and the content itself is downloaded and “injected” into the HTML in parallel.

Fortunately the follower information can be seen even if you’re not logged on, so I was able to track down the internal APIs that they use to bring these numbers.

I already have working versions for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok:
instagram twitter youtube tiktok

Instagram and Twitter numbers are always precise.
YouTube and TikTok will round the number when it’s very large and give back something like “1.2M”.

I’m in the process of submitting the app for review now, should be available soon.


@sitnik did you ever submitted your app?

Any update on this? Would love to see it live if possible

Is your app still a possibility for release? Would love an IG followers app. Thanks :slight_smile: