Including the HTML Module in Pixlet

I’d like to use Starlark’s HTML module to parse out a web page I’ve scraped. I understand not wanting to include every module to keep things lightweight but I think the HTML module would be very helpful when building images for the Tidbyt.

Hi @posburn,

My PR to add the HTML module was merged today:

It doesn’t look like there has been a release yet but you can build from source to start using it now.

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Just pushed a new release, v0.8.5, that includes this. Thanks @drudge!


This is awesome. Thanks @drudge and @rohan !

Is there a reasoning for not adding all of the libraries? I had to struggle through MD5 hashing because the hash library wasn’t added (ended up making a separate API call to a service to hash) because I needed to send a hashed value to an API. Is there a plan for supporting at least all of the libraries from Starlib?

No reason that I can think of. Historically we just added the ones that we were using for built-in apps.

I can take a stab at adding them when I have a minute. If there’s any particular one you need right away and you have time to make a pull request, I’m happy to merge it.

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