In Daily Kanji, change romaji text to a brighter color

The blue used for the romaji text in Daily Kanji is relatively dark and is hard to read, especially when the brightness is dimmed during the evening.

I suggest changing it to the aqua / real used in the various headline news apps.

Great idea. I’ve submitted that change. Hopefully they push it soon.

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Thank you! It’s been great to brush up on my kanji.

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素晴らしい、本当にありがとう! glad someone (besides me) finds it useful :slight_smile:

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the Kanji characters no longer show up on tidbyte. (tried factory reset and re DLing the app)
any help is most appreciated

same here – I tried that text-to-image URL with a base64 encoded kanji and it now just returns a blank image (note ascii characters work fine).

no image:

However, it does work with txt-size up to 22:


Also, txt-size=23 works at other height and width sizes – 64x64, 40x40, but not below 34?

とても奇妙な, something on their back end? Don’t see anything obvious in their docs, maybe some weird unicode thing. Hope that helps.

update: they merged a few PRs released an update from 11.16 to 11.17 a couple of days ago – that’s when I first noticed it, so maybe related.

Those updates did break the app. I have a fix submitted. Hopefully they’ll merge the PR soon and the kanji character will show up again.

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