Improvements to Stock Ticker App

Recently got a Tidbyt and I’m loving it so far.

A few suggestions for improvements for the stock ticker app:

  1. Ability to cycle through multiple stocks. Seems like you can only pick one right now!

  2. Include mutual funds. It seems like only stock and ETF symbols are available right now.

  3. Ability to customize the time window for the gain/loss number and percentage. Right now, I think it can only display the current day’s gain/loss. It would be great if that window could be changed to 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, year to date, 1 year, etc. (Similar to the options given if you google a stock symbol).

I mostly invest in mutual funds for retirement savings, so I’m interested in their longer-term performance. I’m not a big day trader so any given day’s stock changes doesn’t mean much to me.

Setting the time window would indeed be a very good improvement !


Are there plans to add the ability to add multiple stocks to the ticker app? Only seeing 1 stock does not really provide much use.

You can just add it multiple times for different stick tickers

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Adding in indexes would be helpful! SP500, DOWJONES, NASDAQ, TOTAL stock, Russell 2000, Bond indices, etc.


Yes to indexes.
Actual mutual funds don’t price throughout the day, just after the market closes.

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