Importing Pixlet Go Modules

Is there any guidance on importing the individual Pixlet modules into some Go code so you could render using procedurally generated starlet files that are all just stored as strings in memory at runtime? My use case is that I’d like to implement some custom endpoints for displaying messages and other things on my Tidbyt in an on-demand fasion, without having to run a machine all the time with the full pixlet CLI running. So rather than serving a webp at a certain interval to the device, it would be all request driven. Specifically for architecture, I’m looking to run on AWS’s serverless Lambda service. I’ve got something mostly working, the problem is when I try to actually build the executable. This works when running go run .
But when I run go build I get errors about undefined types.

I can see that the issues are with the forked go-libwebp lib, but I’m just not sure what’s going on that’s preventing the build from working when the replace in go.mod is working fine for ad-hoc execution. I will admit that I’m not very experienced with Go, so if I’m just missing something really obvious here please let me know!