IFTTT integration

And Zapier integration.

Hey @pjjjjj! What kinds of things would you like to do with IFTTT?

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read termostate tempeature, get a visual RING notification if someone is ringing the doorbell, integrate with Philips Hue to do PARTY LIGHTS SHOW, get alerts like traffic alerts, weather alerts, Bitcoin Alerts, Etc… LOVE Tidbyt

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Yeah in the time since this thread was opened, we’ve discovered a bunch of things that would be awesome with IFTTT and Zapier. I’m prioritizing Zapier, because it has some more “pro” use cases, and also IFTTT would charge us per device just to integrate :expressionless:

For insight, the main hold-up on this is that we have to build an authentication system for you to be able to connect from an external service, like Zapier, to Tidbyt and login and authorize that external service. Same thing is necessary for integration with Alexa or Google Home.

Building this securely is turning out be a lot of effort and not something that either @matslina or I are able to just hack together in a couple weeks.

Anyway, all this is to say, definitely aware of the need for this and we are prioritizing it. But there is still a ton of work to be done.


So instead of making a bunch of separate posts about feature requests I’ll leave all mine here. Most can be achieved through IFTTT integration which I know Is a pain in the butt for Tidbyt to do. Hopefully this gives the team a better idea to what IFTTT can do for us on the user end! Let me know what ideas stand out to you!

Tidbyt Ideas:
-When I drive home from work it displays a message at home showing my eta

-When motion is detected run my Tidbyt morning routine

-Weather station stats from our own weather station.(Ambient Weather)

-Motion alerts from our Wyze cams

-Display an animation when the international space station passes overhead (fun one)

-Display what time I need to leave for work with current traffic.

-Show a lock or unlock symbol at night to show if all the doors and windows are closed

-Garage door open or closed?

-Google home support (ok google, ask Tidbyt for the weather)

-Display air particulate levels (helpful for places with lots of wildfires)

-Birthday reminders

-Holiday animations.

Super excited to get my hands on Tidbyt! Love the product


Yes I think IFTTT would be a great integration.

Got some good news on this front. IFTTT changed their pricing so that we wouldn’t have to pay them a fee for each connected device, making this a lot more doable. Also I started working on the Zapier integration that’s kind of similar, so some of the work is already done.

Yes, absolutely. One of the hardest thing with doing these “platform” type of features is when it’s unclear how folks are going to use them exactly. But you’ve listed out a ton of really great examples.

The first IFTTT “action” that I’d hope to implement is the same as what we have on Zapier— just the ability to show some message based on a trigger. I think that would cover a lot of these examples.


Built an account to +1 this – looking forward to both integrations. I find Zapier to be a more powerful system but IFTTT has a good variety of options to leverage.

Victor already summed up some good practical use cases. I agree with Rohan that basic “show message on trigger” should cover most of it.

This integration would be my ideal use case, so happy to see news & please keep us posted. :+1:

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Integration with IFTTT and Zapier would be great

I would like to point to your attention even the service " Trigger Happy" https://trigger-happy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/# which is like IFTTT but it’s free and open !


Reading everyone loud & clear, this is by far the feature with the most votes!

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